About Us

Welcome to Eastland Farms, your premier destination for a wide variety of plants to transform your outdoor spaces. Located in the picturesque Hamptons, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of plants to meet the diverse needs of both homeowners and landscapers.

Our Story

Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for horticulture and a commitment to enhancing the natural beauty of the Hamptons. With years of experience in nurturing plants, we established Eastland Farms in 1993 to share our love for gardening and landscaping with the local community.

What We Offer

At Eastland Farms, we understand that every garden, landscape, or green space is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of plants to suit your specific needs.

We’re not just about plants; we also provide a range of hard goods to support all your gardening and landscaping needs. We understand that every project requires the right tools and materials, and we’re here to supply you with the best.

Our Commitment

At Eastland Farms, we are dedicated to providing not only top-quality plants but also expert guidance and personalized service. Our team of experienced horticulturists are here to assist you with plant selection, care advice, and landscaping tips.